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BMW Inspection I and II

What’s to be Done in BMW Inspection I and II? — Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers

If you own a BMW, you already know it’s a great car. That’s why you bought it. You should also recognize, however, that part of that famed longevity and performance is accounted for by following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. BMW has set inspection and maintenance points at two levels, Inspection I and II. If your auto is due for one of these service visits or if you need any kind of mechanical repairs, Silver Lake Car & Tire Centers in New Berlin, Wisconsin, is your local BMW dealership alternative. We also have your tire needs covered, making us a one-stop shop for everything short of body work.

Inspection I Service Points

Once your BWM reaches the 20,000 mile mark, the manufacturer recommends Inspection I service. (This applies to modern model years. If your car was made in 2005 or earlier, you can go 30,000 miles before needing this.) Three categories of components are checked during this service visit. These are electrical/body elements, the undercarriage, and the engine compartment. Airbags, seat belts, mirrors, lights, and the battery are all body or electrical elements to be checked in Inspection I. Oil and filter changes occur during the undercarriage inspection as well as a check of the exhaust, brakes, and tires. (You’ll need an oil change more frequently according to manufacturer’s specifications, but it makes sense to take care of one of those changes while the mechanic is already working underneath.) A technician will use the OBD-II reader during the engine compartment inspection to find any trouble codes. They will also check and top off the fluids (wiper, coolant, etc.).

Inspection II Service Points

After driving 40,000 miles, you’ll need to schedule the Inspection II visit. This repeats all the maintenance services and checks from Inspection I as well as more extensive work. Spark plugs, fuels and air filters, and differential oil are all changed. Further, one of our ASE-certified technicians will check some of the oft-forgotten parts. These include items such as the flexible boots that can develop leaks and the parking brake lining. Also, he/she will look over the body for signs of rust. If any is detected, you’ll be informed so you can pursue warranty coverage and/or consult with a local body shop.

Your Local Dealership Alternative for BMW Service and Repair

Although BMW dealerships are great and serve certain purposes very well, you may choose an alternative for routine services and non-warrantied repairs. Save time and money by getting your Inspection I and II just down the street at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers. Since 1973, we’ve been your local go-to shop.

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