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3 Types of Brake Pads

Which is Best for Your Vehicle? It would seem that in most people’s minds, upon hearing the word pads, an image of something soft and squishy would appear. That is so not the case when it comes to brake pads. The three main types of pads are hard. How misleading! So when you are thinking […]

The Truth About CVT Transmissions

The Breakdown of Continuously Variable Transmissions Understanding how Continuously Variable Transmissions work is easier when each word is examined independently and then pieced back together. So here’s the break down: Continuously The easiest of the three words. It means to perform without interruption. To get the full effect, some synonyms for continuously are constantly, ongoing, […]

How Oil is Made

From Crude to Conventional What good can come of death? Good question! When plant and animal matter get worked deep into the earth, heat and pressure turn it into what people sometimes refer to as “liquid gold.” But this, of course, doesn’t happen overnight. Once geologists locate the precious fluid, oil rigs extract it and […]

Emissions in the Air

How Emissions Tests Came To Be In years past, a gloomy haze hung just above our city skylines. After careful exploration, it was determined that the relentless smog was pollution. Pollution spawned by cars! The machines we depend on every day. Something had to be done to improve the quality of the air. In 1970, […]

Can You Pass The Check-Engine-Light Test?

Let’s Get Started This first question is pretty easy. You may begin! Question #1: Where is the check-engine-light located? Answer: The location of the check-engine-light is on the dash behind the steering wheel. Question #2: What does the check-engine-light look like? Answer: In some vehicles, it looks like a little engine. In others, the words […]

Proper Fleet Care and Tips

Driver Checks & More Let’s talk about how comfortable, secure vehicles are a treat for the drivers of a company fleet. People are more productive when they are not consumed with worry about safety hazards or unpleasant working conditions. When you own a bunch of vehicles, keeping up with purchases, driving records, logistics, maintenance, and […]

Do-It-Yourself Towing – If You HAVE To

Or Don’t. There are a variety of ways you can tow a vehicle yourself. Perhaps you’ve seen some of these jerry-rigged masterpieces on social media or even out on the road. A car strapped into the bed of a pick-up truck or on top of a minivan. It’s comical, but it’s also very unsafe. If […]

Auto Repair? It’s Easy If You Do It SMART.

Be SMART With Your Vehicle Who here wants to dish out dollars for auto repairs? You’re probably not volunteering yourself. Repairs just aren’t something people look forward to. Vacation? Yes. A new car? Highly likely. Home improvements? Perhaps. But car repairs? Who wants to spend their hard-earned dollars on that? The thing is, auto repairs […]

Towing: Do You Really Need it?

This Guide Will Help you Decide Have you ever had to pull off on the side of the road for any reason? Whether for blue lights, a bathroom break, or a flat tire, it’s a very unnerving situation. While you’re at a standstill, the rest of the world is whizzing on by, especially on a […]

The Big Questions About Engine Failure Answered

Who, What, When, Where, Why? Just because your engine may be failing doesn’t mean you are a failure. You should be aware of what to look for, though, so you don’t let engine failure stop you on your way to work! Knowing in advance who you’ll take your car to is reassuring, and once repairs […]