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North Lake’s Trusted Jeep Repair Technicians

Four Essential Questions to Ask Your Jeep Repair Technician Whether you’re making the long commute to work or heading out on the weekend to do some off-roading, driving your Jeep anywhere is a delightful experience. Powerful, agile, and reliable, Jeeps are impressive vehicles that deserve the utmost care. However, Jeeps are not immune to the […]

We’ll Equip Your Car With Long-Lasting Tires

Your Handy Tire Buying Guide Let’s face it – buying tires is something few of us like to do. However, if your tires are balding or leaking air, buying new tires is a necessity. But with so many different types of tires available on the market, how do you quickly find the ones that are […]

Keep Your BMW Running At Its Best

Four Common BMW Engine Problems: What’s Wrong with My Luxury Car? For decades, BMW has produced luxury cars that are iconic for their style, comfort, and performance. And while BMWs are highly dependable vehicles that can last for years, they aren’t invincible. Eventually, your BMW will suffer from some under-the-hood problems. Luckily, the ASE-certified technicians […]

Expert Engine Repair in Oconomowoc

Common Engine Problems You Need to Know About The engine is the most crucial part of your car. Without it, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to drive or operate. Ensuring your engine is in tip-top condition is essential for proper car care. Minor engine issues can quickly grow into large, expensive repairs. If your car […]

Keep Your Jeep in Peak Performance

The Most Common Jeep Repairs If you own a Jeep, then you already know that your powerful SUV has plenty to offer. Whether it’s a Wrangler or Cherokee, Jeeps are powerful and fun driving vehicles. However, like all cars, Jeeps will eventually suffer from some wear and tear. This is especially true if you take […]

We’ll Get Your Car Safely to Our Shop

Three Towing Options You Should Know About Whether your engine overheated or your tire blew out, being stranded with an inoperable vehicle can be a stressful – and scary – situation. Luckily, towing services from the friendly team at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in New Berlin, Wisconsin, can get your car safely to […]

We’ll Set Your Wheels Straight

What We Do During a Wheel Alignment Service While most drivers know that a wheel alignment is an essential automotive maintenance service, many don’t fully understand what an alignment service includes. Thankfully, the ASE-certified technicians at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, are here to help. Here’s everything that happens when we […]

Overcoming Auto Parts Shortages

Automotive repairs usually take time, but now they seem to be taking longer due to supply chain shortages with parts. Repairs that used to be able to be completed the same day now may take longer due to the delay in parts delivery.  Even the more common repairs or maintenance repairs are experiencing delays, including […]

Why Have My Coolant Tested?

Coolant is arguably one of the most important fluids in your vehicle! It is responsible for keeping the engine running at normal operating temperature and also keeps your cabin warm during these cold winter months! Coolant is vital to keep your engine’s cooling system properly maintained.  Coolant is typically a 50/50 mixture of distilled water […]

Stranded on the Roadside? Call Silver Lake!

What You Need to Do If Your Car Breaks Down If your car is having trouble, it can be a real headache. But it can also put you and your passengers in a downright dangerous situation. This is especially true if your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road. So, what should you […]

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