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All Season, All Weather, or Winter Only. What tire is right for me?

This is the time of the year where we find ourselves talking about tires with our customers quite often. When it comes to making decisions about tires, we know it is a confusing world full of a multitude of options. One of the most important things that we try to do is learn from our customers what their needs are and match them with tires that fit those needs.

When Silver Lake Auto was first started in the 1970s, it was not unusual for customers to run multiple sets of tires. One set for the warmer months, and a separate set with a different tread design and rubber compound for the colder months. This allowed for the best traction year-round, however it required drivers to maintain and swap out two different sets of tires each year. Winter tires have come a long way and remain the best option for advanced winter traction. But just like before, it still means maintaining two sets of tires for your vehicle.

For simplicity’s sake, customers have often chosen to use a single set of tires, known as all-season tires. This allows for only needing one set of tires year-round, which gives an acceptable blend of warm weather traction, combined with the ability to be driven in the winter. 

Recently, a new classification of tires has come to the forefront thanks to advances in rubber compounds and computer aided tread design. The all-weather tire is now becoming an extremely popular option for motorists who are seeking to have an all-season tire with almost all the benefits of winter tires, with none of the drawbacks. We are often finding ourselves recommending all-weather tires now because of their performance in the snow, as well as the comfortable ride and ease of maintenance. Please feel free to speak with any of our tire experts and we will help you to find the best tire that fits your automotive needs.

Andrew Smith, Service Manager

Written by Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers