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Silver Lake Auto & Tire of Wisconsin is your local car AC repair expert. Don’t wait until summer is in full swing to make sure your car ac is working correctly. Avoiding having your ac repaired can also affect your fuel efficiency. Routine service and maintenance is important to avoid those hot summer days and stay cool. For reliable and dependable vehicle ac repair call Silver Lake or stop by one of our four convenient locations in Hartland, Brookfield, Oconomowoc or New Berlin, WI.

What Does your AC do?

A cars cooling system works to keep you cool in the summer and your engine cool all year round no matter the outside temperature. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is complex. Its main job is evaporation and condensation as well as compression and expansion. Basically, it is thermodynamics for all the smart people out there. However, it is not too hard to understand and you only need to comprehend a few basic things to put together how it all works. The Compressor is the core or heart of the cooling system. It takes refrigerant in gas form, pressurizes it, and then sends it through a condenser. The condenser is a series of refrigeration lines that turns the pressurized refrigerant vapor into liquid form. Once in liquid form, it goes through a receiver dryer to eliminate any moisture from the refrigerant that may have collected during the pressurization process. Pressure is removed and then the cool air is circulated throughout the vehicle. The radiator, evaporator, condenser, and expansion valve work together to safeguard your engine from overheating year-round and keeps you cool in the summer.

Does my Vehicle’s AC Need Maintenance?

Yes from time to time and your car AC will need maintenance, service, or maybe even repair. Save time and check your fluid levels; the correct amount of refrigerant is important and necessary. DO NOT OVERFILL! This is one mistake; you do not want to make yourself. If your ac is not working well try adding refrigerant, this could save you valuable time and money; but it might not fix the problem. If that does not work bring your vehicle to Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers. For optimum performance, we suggest having your cooling system inspected every 20,000 miles or refer to your owner’s manual for specific intervals. Stay ahead of costly ac repair with routine inspection and maintenance with Silver Lake’s car ac repair specialists.

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Stay cool during the hot summer and make sure your car AC is working properly. Silver Lake Auto & Tire of Wisconsin is dedicated to keeping your car performing when you need it while avoiding expensive and time consuming repairs. For complete car ac repair call or bring your vehicle to one of our four locations.

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