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9 Common Engine Repairs

And What To Look For

Saying your car needs engine repairs is very nondescript. Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers in Brookfield, Wisconsin, believes in being as upfront and honest about any possible repairs, allowing owners to make informed decisions. Therefore, to help in that process, review the following nine most common repairs for your engine.

1. Coolant Leak

As the leading cause of overheating, coolant leaks and loss should be remedied fast. Left unchecked, the problem can lead to irreparable damage.

2. Worn Spark Plug

Spark plugs are responsible for the ignition process in your vehicle. When these devices wear out, they generate weak sparks, which are often not enough to ignite the engine.

3. Radiator Clog

Another coolant issue, a clogged radiator usually occurs because of sediment flowing through the system. Beyond clogs, you also need to be concerned about corrosion.

4. Weak Compression

Potential air leaks and seal failures can lead to poor compression. Without the proper pressure in the fuel and air mixture, your vehicle will not be able to complete the combustion process.

5. Old Oil

If you do not follow the routine maintenance schedule for oil changes, then it is possible debris is flooding your system and wreaking havoc on the different parts. Also, dirty oil can leave behind a sludge-like residue that is difficult to clear from the system.

6. Oil Starvation

Oil starvation is a real threat to overhead cam engines because of the distance of the pump from the cam and valve train. An oil pump failure typically causes this problem.

7. Bad Air/Fuel Mix

Low gas or your vehicle’s air intake can cause a bad air/fuel mixture. In either case, your engine cannot operate correctly without the air and fuel being balanced.

8. Spark Knock

Do you hear a metallic knocking or pinging noise while driving around? If so, it can be a sign of a spark knock caused by too much heat and pressure in the combustion chamber. Take your car into the shop sooner rather than later.

9. Broken Oxygen Sensor

Another common engine repair is replacing a broken oxygen sensor. If your experiencing low gas mileage or inaccurate information about your gas tank, then the sensor may be to blame.

Regular maintenance and tune-ups are vital for engine health. Contact Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers to schedule an engine health check.

Written by Megan Rademan