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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Towing

Fun Facts for Gearheads

Are you or is someone you know fascinated by anything that moves on wheels? We know we are! Silver Lake Auto & Tire in Brookfield, Wisconsin is a team full of car people. Today our towing specialists want to share some interesting facts about the trucks they drive and their industry. We bet you didn’t know this about towing!

The World’s Largest Tow Truck is Canadian

Some people lose their minds over the million-dollar Bugatti Veyron. We lose ours over the monstrous, million-dollar tow truck that holds the title of the largest recovery vehicle in the world. Acting as a giant boom on wheels and equipped with a winch system at the rear, it is capable of towing across several lanes. That’s useful on some of Canada’s most dangerous roads and in heavy traffic!

The World’s Smallest Tow Trucks Aren’t Trucks

Major plot twist! The Retriever, developed in Sweden, is an up-and-coming recovery vehicle that isn’t a truck at all. It’s more like a motorcycle! An arm lowers at the back to load up vehicles and its compact design is especially useful on crowded roads in places like Japan and China, and makes it easier to navigate tricky accident scenes.

There are Five Kinds of Tow Trucks

A century of tow truck evolution has given us five types of recovery vehicles: hook & chain, boom, wheel-lift, flatbed, and integrated. They come in all sizes for all kinds of towing challenges. Imagine the kind of vehicle it takes to tow a tractor trailer! When the biggest vehicles break down, they need the biggest trucks for the job!

There’s a Tow Truck Museum in Tennessee

If you ever find yourself in Chattanooga with some extra time, why not check out the museum dedicated to tow trucks? Located in the same town as the original inventor, it covers the origin and evolution of the industry.

Tow vehicles are modern marvels of auto engineering. We hope these interesting facts help you appreciate the design and work of those involved in the towing industry!

Should you ever need towing assistance in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Silver Lake Auto & Tire can pick you up — but don’t expect the Retriever to pull up on site.

Written by Dan Garlock