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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Your Oil Change

Perhaps the most common reason to get your car serviced is the oil change. Often, drivers don’t take oil changes seriously and this makes us and your car very sad. Oil changes are important to the health of your can, and when it boils down to it, for your safety. Thinking about skipping your oil change? Read these reasons not to and think again.

Clean Oil Lubricates Your Engine

Your engine is a complex result of incredible engineering and is made out of many parts that work together to power your vehicle. As it works, the parts in the engine rub and grind against each other, which means they need make a lot of friction and need to be lubricated to work properly. This friction also creates heat, which leads us to our next reason.

Oil Cools Your Engine Down

All of the friction created while your engine’s parts are working together creates quite a deal of heat, that without it, would cause the engine to overheat, seize up and shut down. Oil helps absorb that heat so the engine can continue functioning correctly.

Oil Removes Unwanted Gunk From the Engine

Dirt particles that can get into an engine are deadly to it and reduce the overall lifespan of the engine. Similarly, so does sludge.
When the oil is old and isn’t disposed of, it turns into sludge and can do serious damage to your engine. Regular oil changes will remove any dirt particles that have found their way inside and of course prevent sludge from forming.

Oil Changes Promote Better Gas Mileage

If your engine isn’t lubricated with clean oil, it has to work harder to function, which means it consumes more fuel. When your car uses more fuel, your mileage goes up, which means you spend more money at the gas pump. We know nobody wants to spend more money than necessary on gas.

Oil changes are important not only for all of these reasons. They also increase the longevity and optimize the performance of your vehicle. Don’t skip your changes, and talk with your mechanic to decide how often you should change your oil, as it varies depending on oil type, vehicle, and vehicle purpose. If you have any further questions about oil changes and why they are important, feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment. We are more than happy to help, and we are experts you can trust.

Written by Dan Garlock