4 Good Driving Habits to Teach Your Teen
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4 Good Driving Habits to Teach Your Teen

Do you want your children to be responsible drivers one day? Whether you realize it or not, your children are already watching the way you drive. If your son or daughter is on their way to getting their learner’s permit or license, it’s important that you are setting a good example with your own driving etiquette! The sooner you start teaching your children good driving habits, the better. Make sure to do these four things.

4 Good Driving Habits to Teach Your Teen

Good Driving Habits to Teach Your Teenager

1.  Control the road rage.

Don’t let your child catch you cursing, using inappropriate hand gestures or driving dangerously to “make a point.”  They will learn these behaviors and mimic them later, which can be very dangerous. Teach them that it’s important to keep your cool when driving.

2.  Keep your eyes on the road.

When you were learning to drive, there were no cell phones to distract you. But for your kids, this is a very real and very dangerous distraction. Lead by example, and don’t text or talk on your cell phone while you’re driving, especially when your teenager is in the car with you. Don’t allow them to use their cell phone while driving either. Limit other distractions too, such as changing the radio station, eating or applying makeup.

3.  Teach the importance of proper vehicle maintenance.

All teenagers learning to drive are taught what the different road signs are and how to operate the vehicle, but many are not taught what it takes to properly maintain a vehicle. Show them how to check their oil level, tire pressure and tire tread. Show them the car’s owner’s manual that shows the factory recommended maintenance schedule. Let them know that part of being a responsible driver is taking good care of your car, helping reduce the risk that something will go wrong while you’re driving.

4.  Discuss the laws.

It’s important that your teen understands the driving laws in your state. These laws change from state to state, and police officers aren’t going to be lenient just because they are a young driver. If you’re behind the wheel, you’re responsible for being a law-abiding citizen on the road!

It can be scary for you when your teenager starts driving, but if you instill these good driving habits early, you’ll be able to rest a little easier.

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Written by Dan Garlock