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3 Things That Mean It’s Time for Brake Repair

When to Get New Brakes

Do you know how to tell when you need brake repair? The technicians at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers do! Visit our location in North Lake, Wisconsin for an inspection and we can tell you just how much life your brakes have left. If you want to save yourself a trip, inspect the brakes yourself and watch out for these key signs that mean your brakes need repair soon.

Road Test

Most of what you need to know about the brake systems’ health can be learned while driving. Get behind the wheel and watch out — or listen — for these signs!

1. Squeaking

Turn your radio off and crack your windows to listen to your braking system. Ideally, you shouldn’t hear anything while coming to a stop. If you hear screeching and squeaking, that’s a sign that the brake pads are wearing low! The brake pads are positioned between the discs and calipers. They bear the most friction and heat during braking, which is why they wear out and need replacement! Inspect your brake pads regularly to ensure they meet minimal levels of thickness for continued use. Most brake pads need to be replaced every few years.

2. Grinding

If the sound you hear while coming to a stop is metal-on-metal grinding, that’s not good. This sound means there are no brake pads left to cushion the calipers and discs and they are grinding against each other. If this keeps up, these parts will fail and you’ll have no brakes to drive with. This is a very dangerous situation, so we recommend fast action on your part to repair the issue.

3. Pedal Pressure

The final aspect you’ll want to pay attention to during your road test is the brake pedal itself. What does it feel like when you put your foot down? Ideally, the pedal should have a resistance to your pressure which engages the brakes quickly at the slightest amount of applied pressure. Spongy brake pads absorb the pressure from the driver’s foot and sink to the floor before they transfer any force to actually braking. That can drastically increase your vehicle’s stopping distance and time. Seek professional attention for the hydraulics in your braking system!

Visit the Experts

If you notice one of these signs of brake problems while driving, be sure to visit Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers — your brake repair experts in North Lake, Wisconsin.

Written by Megan Rademan