3 Car Maintenance Services That Are Costly to Forget
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3 Car Maintenance Services That Are Costly to Forget

Owning a car isn’t cheap. But the convenience of getting where you need to go when you need to go there is really unmatched! All of those miles you drive does put some wear and tear on your vehicle, so it’s important to keep up with your car’s regular maintenance services. Not only will this help your automobile stay driving better, longer, but it can also save you a lot of money!

While this may sound counterintuitive, it’s true. Keeping up with your vehicle maintenance services is much cheaper than the cost of major auto repair services – what you will need to pay for if you fail to properly care for your car. Here are three car maintenance services that are much more costly when you ignore them. 

Car Maintenance Services that Cost More Money When You Forget Them

3 Car Maintenance Services that Cost More When You Forget Them

1.   Neglecting to get your oil changed. Getting your oil changed is one of the cheapest car maintenance services, and also one of the most important! Changing your oil keeps harmful deposits and sludge from building up in your cars engine. If you fail to get your oil changed, your engine has to work harder to propel you forward, lowering your fuel efficiency and overall drivability. Not to mention that if you wait too long, your engine could fail completely, forcing you to pay for an expensive engine repair!

2.   Ignoring your tire repair and service needs. Your tires need to be maintained to perform their best. Regularly check the tire inflation and tire tread; this is important for both fuel efficiency and passenger safety. Tires that don’t have enough air in them don’t grip the road right, which can cause you to skid or slide on the pavement. Overly inflated tires are at risk for a tire blowout – something that can be very dangerous! Bad tread also puts you at risk for skidding and sliding, especially in these winter months that we are approaching. Don’t risk getting into an accident and needing expensive auto body repairs simply because you didn’t take proper care of your car’s tires.

3.   Dismissing the sounds and smells of your vehicle. Always pay attention to the way your automobile sounds and smells. After all, you’re in your car more than anyone else, so you should be the most familiar with it on a day-to-day basis! But many car owners tend to ignore unusual sounds or smells that start occurring. In many cases, these new sounds or smells are your car’s way of trying to alert you that something isn’t working right, and they should be your cue to take your vehicle to your trusted local auto repair shop right away. The longer you wait to get your car checked out by a professional mechanic, the more damage you could be causing!

In conclusion, keeping up with your car’s maintenance services is an important part of being a good driver: it keeps your car running better and safer, AND saves you money!

If you ever have any questions about the care of your car, truck, SUV, minivan or hybrid vehicle, please don’t hesitate to give the expert team at Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers a call! We have two convenient auto repair shop locations, one in Oconomowoc, WI and one in North Lake, WI. You can stop by either shop or easily schedule an appointment online today! Our friendly, ASE Certified Technicians will be happy to discuss anything with you and ensure that your vehicle is safe and operating properly.

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