September 2020 - Silver Lake Auto & Tire Centers
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September 2020

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Do-It-Yourself Towing – If You HAVE To

Or Don’t. There are a variety of ways you can tow a vehicle yourself. Perhaps you’ve seen some of these jerry-rigged masterpieces on social media or even out on the road. A car strapped into the bed of a pick-up truck or on top of a minivan. It’s comical, but it’s also very unsafe. If […]

Auto Repair? It’s Easy If You Do It SMART.

Be SMART With Your Vehicle Who here wants to dish out dollars for auto repairs? You’re probably not volunteering yourself. Repairs just aren’t something people look forward to. Vacation? Yes. A new car? Highly likely. Home improvements? Perhaps. But car repairs? Who wants to spend their hard-earned dollars on that? The thing is, auto repairs […]