Thanks so much for your help with my new tires yesterday! When I arrived I wasn’t 100% sure I need new ones or not and asked the kind young man (an LCL grad!) if he could check for me. He checked and told me I had 7mm on one and 6mm on the others – so they had some time left on them. We talked about my winter traction, the car’s ability to hold an alignment and even priced out getting winter tires and wheels in the event I wanted to try and get the rest out of my present tires.

In the end, I decided what the heck – get the new ones and be done with it! I even asked him my favorite question of anyone I work with – “What would Dan do?” – and he told me, “Get the new ones!”. So I did, and I am happy I did – they ride really smooth on my “old man’s car” as my kids call the Avalon and the alignment is perfect.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for your help and to let you know that the young man who worked with me was tremendous. You have some wonderful people at your place and they represent you well!

Thanks again Dan – God’s continued blessings on your company – and thanks for all you do for ours! – Paul

I have been working with the Silver Lake Center in Oconomowoc for several years. They have always worked very closely with me as it relates to my car care and have been able to increase my understanding of the hybrid aspect of my car. I would like to express my appreciation for their ongoing patience, diligence, generosity and expertise. What a wonderful group of car care professionals! – Mary

My Service Manager, Mike, was incredible today. He was patient and his level of customer service was superior to any other Auto Repair business I have used in the past. A few years ago, I was taken for a lot of money to fix my car and in the end….I found out they really caused more harm than good. I was very nervous and at one point, Mike sensed it. He put my mind to ease, addressed my concerns, and I drove away with a fixed car along with being 100% satisfied. I will return in the very near future to get a few more things fixed because of this service. – Scott

Silver Lake has always given me wonderful service. Very honest and accommodating. Being a woman having car issues it can be concerning going in for service. These guys have always explained everything and given fair prices. I would highly recommend them to anyone having car problems. – Josie

Everyone there was pleasant, professional and smiling. My questions were answered in a way that I could understand and to my satisfaction. I have gained a trust back for this industry with Silver Lake Auto (trust has been an issue for a long time with other service providers and dealerships) so this is huge. I will definitely go back to Silver Lake in the future and am spreading the word on their service. And they saved me money when I price shopped around for the same service and tires. Thank you Silver Lake Auto! – Susan

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